About Us

At MeritEmploy we are changing the face of recruitment by changing the habits and re-engineering how CVs and Resumes are written and presented to potential employers. With a passion and commitment to transform the way in which people are recruited, we are not just innovative but inspirational.

MeritEmploy is an online recruitment and employment platform that helps place brilliant people with outstanding employers. Using advanced technology, we add transparency and fairness to the recruitment process following our principles of “Equality and Diversity for All”. Our technology along with an innovative approach to recruitment in a multicultural society is changing the way companies find and hire the very best employees for any job.

Settling into a very crowded marketplace, MeritEmploy helps companies ensure their recruitment process is fair, transparent and effective. Our system helps candidates get more interviews with no prejudice or conscious or unconscious bias. MeritEmploy provides the most transparent and effective CV and candidate filtering system using proven algorithms to help companies choose the absolute best candidate for the job.

Benefits of MeritEmploy

MeritEmploy helping Jobseekers

As a potential employee, the only fact an employer needs to see are your skills, experience and qualities that can add value to their organisation. Our merit profile system provides a crystal clear picture of the candidate and positions all candidates on a level playing field that reduces pre-selection based on common biases.

MeritEmploy helping recruiters and employers

As a company or recruiter you need to make sure the best candidate is put forward for the job. Focusing on skills, experience and other non-bias criteria MeritEmploy helps you filter only the candidates that meet the requirements of the vacant position. Hiring the right candidate increases productivity and creates better, more inclusive and diverse workforce geared for success. Stronger and more diverse teams build better companies and employees have a greater sense of belonging.

Multicultural Recruitment

Education, social acceptance and communication are the keys to achieving cultural balance in a diverse, multicultural society. The MeritEmploy platform breaks down traditional barriers to inclusivity bringing people together to create better teams that improve organisations that strengthen society in general.

Technology and Humans

Technology can never replace the human mind in the recruitment process, but it can open up doors that were otherwise closed. Employers need to appreciate and believe in the capabilities of potential employees from the first handshake in the recruitment process. MeritEmploy reduces preconception and tackles the nuts and bolts of a candidate to prove they can do the job or not and nothing more. Human nature will be the overall deciding factor in who gets the job but MeritEmploy ensures no one who can do the job well is overlooked. MeritEmploy funnels the right candidates to help employers and recruiters make the best recruiting decisions.

Our Mission

  • Create a movement for change. MeritEmploy puts the jobseeker in control.
  • Address unemployment globally. Help jobseekers get back into work.
  • Partner with employers to deliver, equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


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