MeritEmploy: Helping employers and recruiters employ the best candidates through a transparent and inclusive process.

MeritEmploy is a platform that adds transparency, fairness and inclusivity to the recruitment process in a growing multicultural society. Helping companies employ the very best person or people by funnelling and filtering the candidate based on skills, experience and qualities.

MeritEmploy reduces preconception and tackles the nuts and bolts of a candidate to prove they can do the job or not and nothing more. We ensure no one who can do the job well is overlooked.

MeritEmploy ensures a diverse, inclusive and multicultural workforce is created to drive global business success.

Why choose MeritEmploy?

  • Candidates hired without bias through anonymous jobseeker profiles created using a merit-based algorithm with AI.
  • Recruit within equality, diversity and inclusivity requirements or legislation.
  • Report and monitor your recruitment process and performance in real time.
  • Unlimited job postings.
  • Manage your recruitment process from anywhere, at any time on any device.
  • Drill down and target candidates better.
  • Manage interviews, shortlist candidates and send invites using interactive dashboard.

All this is available to any employer or recruiter

  • The right recruitment technology to find the right candidate for your company.
  • Anonymous Jobseeker profiles ensure you screen, and hire based on skills, experience and performance to guarantee the right person is recruited first time.
  • Manage your transparent recruitment process from any device at any time from anywhere in the world.
  • Helping build and sustain a stronger workforce with increased productivity through diversity and inclusivity in a multicultural society.
  • The only true, fair and transparent recruitment tool for multicultural inclusion in the work-place.

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