How It Works

Using the latest AI technology and Merit based Algorithms MeritEmploy simplifies Blind Recruitment for Employers and Jobseekers in a single online platform.

MeritEmploy levels the playing field to create a true unbiased, transparent and inclusive recruitment process based on the capacity to do the job.

Jobseeker profiles are 100% anonymous and do not contain any information that could lead to exclusion. Therefore MeritEmploy profiles contain:

  • No Profile Image
  • No Name
  • No Age
  • No Gender
  • No Ethnicity
  • No Religion
  • No educational institution names or details
  • No Hobbies and Interest
  • No Company names
  • No Employment dates
  • No Qualification dates
  • No email or social media information

Recruiters and Employers work using the MeritEmploy system up to the point of interview with candidates put forward based on skill, expertise and experience in the position vacant.